History of Tupelo Church of God



      In 1959, at the , Mississippi, Church of God, Jack Ezell accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Immediately upon his conversion Jack's pastor, H. P. Ford, recognized his dedication and potential. As a faithful layman,  Jack Ezell served as a Sunday school teacher, a Sunday school superintendent, and a special singer. he also served on the Pastor's Council. Then in 1962, Jack received his call into the ministry. He was ordained as a minister in the  Church of God on June 17, 1972. During the past 31 years  the ministers in the Church of God in Mississippi have recognized the dedication and talent of Pastor Ezell. They have elected him at various times to serve on the State Youth Board, the State Evangelism Board, and the State Council.

      The Ezell family moved to Tupelo in 1965. Once there, Jack felt a burden to start a church. On June 4, 1967, the Tupelo Church of God was organized with six members in an upstairs room in downtown Tupelo at a place called Union Hall. Later, a concrete-block sanctuary that seated 100 people was built on Briar Ridge Road. The block building was used for Sunday school rooms when another sanctuary that seated 250 was built. In 1990, the sanctuary was expanded to seat 300. Also, in 1993, the Family Life Center with a large kitchen, two bathrooms, and a hospitality room was erected. It was named the Knox Life Center since it was donated to the church by two members, Jim and Barbara Knox.

      Their 31-year ministry together reached its zenith on Sunday, May 3, 1998, when the pastor and the congregation assembled for the dedication of a beautiful new 650-seat sanctuary. In attendance for that special day was the state attorney general of Mississippi, Mike Moore, and the 19th District state representative, Jamie Franks, a member of the Tupelo Church. The state overseer of Mississippi, Gary Tygart, led the act of dedication. He observed that Jack Ezell was the first and only pastor of this church and this was not only a day recorded on earth but it was also a day recorded in heaven--"a day ordained of God." 

      First Assistant General Overseer Lamar Vest gave the dedicatory address. He reminded the congregation that this edifice was built to save families. He called for the dedication of the building to the glory of God, for the purpose of ministry, and for the nurture and fellow of believers.